Before starting care at Trinity Chiropractic, advancing age related aches and pains were obliging me to slow down – lower back pain was increasingly inhibiting moves such as climbing out of bed to attend to the calls of nature. Dr. Joel explained to me that age related wear and tear was not always curable, but the he believed the right adjustments could, with time, bring about noticeable improvement. Almost ten months later I could say that most movements could be made with minimum discomfort – the improvement encouraged me to continue treatment on a maintenance basis for the past four years – today at 86 years of age I am gratified with the outcome. It has enabled me to live my life with a minimum of restriction and discomfort. Anyone with the time and interest to dedicate a part of their lives to develop a healthy lifestyle should be under Maximized Living care. The staff is knowledgeable and encouraging to patients with positive attitudes. The system has much to offer – however, to achieve the “Maximized” benefit the patient must approach the treatment with a positive, cooperative attitude.